Broken Age – growing up quest

Broken Age - growing up quest  Many game lovers, especially those who follow this big industry, know Tim Schaefer. And now, for the first time in 16 years, Tim is releasing an adventure game, the Broken Age quest. The game is captivating with its detective plot and deep meaning … Broken Age - growing up quest  We are invited to play in two worlds for two characters: Neck and Vella. Shay is a young man and the only passenger in the Bossa Nostra spaceship wandering in space. The daytime artificial intelligence of the ship (Mother Neck) engages him in childish games – 'missions' and tries to shield him from the outside world, while the nighttime artificial intelligence (Father Neck) wants to make him an independent person. Vella is a young girl living in a world destroyed by a monster (Mog Chotra). Residents of different villages every 14 years sacrifice a certain number of girls to the monster at the Feast of the Virgins. Vella becomes the chosen one in the village of Sakharin (which the whole family is happy about), but she claims that if the monster is destroyed, then the rituals will end. With such a supply of information, we begin to go through this rather interesting and controversial quest. All we can do in the game is to move the heroes, make a choice for them, use the found items (including with each other). Also, to complete some missions, you need to play mini-games. Broken Age - growing up quest  At any time we can change the hero and continue playing in a different world. The main thing to remember is to be saved. To do this, just periodically, opening the menu, click on save. For this case, we were entrusted with 8 cells for saving, and the ability to save in DroopBox. Broken Age - growing up quest  The plot of the game at first glance is rather boring, but this is only at first glance. In fact, the game carries many secrets that will only disappear over time. The worlds of the two characters will go to the intersection, and when this happens, any player will experience the same feeling as in the detective story, when after a long investigation everything falls into place and the puzzle comes together. It is after this moment that you realize that the game is unique. Broken Age - growing up quest  The animation of the game is very pleasing, it has its own special character. The same can be said about the voice acting. Celebrities such as Elijah Wood, Jack Black, Jennifer Hale and others were attracted to her.

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