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Going to travel around the world or simply, having decided to learn a foreign language, the question arises: 'How can you overcome the language barrier in the shortest possible time?'. Tickets for the flight are on hand, there is no time left to search and take courses.

Comes to the rescue iPhone, which allows you to install a dictionary-translator and somehow 'on the fingers' to explain and delve into the essence of foreign writing and dialogue. You probably already guessed, today we will get acquainted with some of these helper dictionaries.


The other day ABBYY announced 'Lingvo Dictionaries', the application supports 14 languages ​​and a large number of dictionaries, among which there are explanatory and thematic. Until December 31, 2010, the application can be purchased at a promotional price of $ 2.99. The basic kit includes a shell and 23 general dictionaries for 9 languages. Requires iOS 3.0 or later to work. Among the positive features are support for working with the clipboard, translation speed, work without an Internet connection. [iTunes link]


The developers of the 'English Russian English Dictionary', apparently deciding to compete with Lingvo, have reduced the cost of their product to $ 2.99 (the price is valid on weekends). Version 3.1 of the English – Russian dictionary contains 67058 entries, Russian – English entries 32541. A pleasant interface, simple search and functionality will create all conditions for learning.

The application supports only 2 languages, so it will be useful only for learners of Russian or English. No internet connection required. [iTunes link]


Translator 'Translator' is made in the form of a chat, such as is used in the standard SMS application, only instead of answering, you receive a text translation. The application supports 53 of the most used languages ​​in the world, translation can be pronounced in 35 languages. Of the utilities, there is a horizontal mode.

It is recommended to work iPhone with installed iOS 3.2 and higher. An internet connection is required. The price of the app is $ 2.99. [iTunes link]


Simple and convenient 'SlovoEd' has long been settled in iPhone, today version 2.37 is presented, which includes 120 dictionaries for 30 languages. 51,000 words can not only be translated, but also listened to the pronunciation. The history tab allows you to view the last 15 translations. The app is supported on devices with firmware iOS 2.0 and higher. Cost – $ 24.99. [iTunes link]


In addition to translation using plug-in dictionaries, 'LangBook RUS' also translates on-line using the Google Translate service (53 languages). The translated text can be copied and sent by E-mail or SMS.

The Phrasebook section is divided into categories: in a restaurant, in a bank, in a hotel, etc., therefore, being in an appropriate situation, you can navigate based on this section. The official price is $ 2.99. [iTunes link]

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