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Budist - social alarm clock, somebody wake me up [Free] For most people, getting up in the morning is an unprecedented difficulty, and if it is early, then it is doubly difficult. Even changing the melody to something else won't help for long. But there is an application that was created to help in this matter, and it is called 'Buddhist'. It recently turned one year old, and the number of users has exceeded one million people. There are two types of people living there, 'Sony' and 'Buddhists'. I think it's clear why. Tens of thousands of people use this service every day. When you first open the application, you will be prompted to indicate your phone number to which calls from the application will be made. The profile is activated by entering the code that will come after specifying the phone number. There is no need to worry about the security of this data, and other users will be able to see in your profile only what you yourself have indicated. The resource also uses its own PBX service, which ensures security and confidentiality. After you successfully register, in the profile you can see your phone number, your photo (which you can insert into your profile) and statistics that show who you woke up and how many times you woke you up. Budist - social alarm clock, somebody wake me up [Free] The application with all its functionality is a social network, only in a new understanding of it. There is also an opportunity to view the profiles of other members, to correspond on the forums and in the application itself. On the left, the tab shows a list of 'Sonya', these are the ones that need to be woken up. Budist - social alarm clock, somebody wake me up [Free] In these simple tables, you can see the time of awakening and the number of people who will be awakening at a given time. Above are 'Free' and 'All sleepyheads'. 'Free' are those who have not yet been occupied by 'Budist' for a call, in the same tab there is an opportunity to get to a person who can be immediately called and woken up. The application will politely offer to do a reverse dialing.

'All sleepyheads'

– these are all those people who at one time or another will awaken. Budist - social alarm clock, somebody wake me up [Free] When you choose who you want to wake up, the application will arrange for a 'dream book' to ring you, so as not to pay for roaming charges. It is worth noting that the application is completely free and all the services it offers are also. But if calls are made in roaming, then there will already be a paid pleasure. The moment the time comes (the alarm goes off), your 'Budist' will call you and for two minutes will motivate you to stay awake. If for some reason no one has chosen you, 'Dream Interpretation', then the friendly voice of the robot 'Budi' will make you wake up, which will definitely do its awakening business.

'The best'

you can listen to the most successful calls from 'Buddhists' to 'Dream Interpretations'. They are often very funny. Budist - social alarm clock, somebody wake me up [Free] There you can also discuss them with other users. All these records are posted only if both parties agree to this. Also useful is the tab


. Budist - social alarm clock, somebody wake me up [Free] This is where your morning awakening or how you help another person awaken. This recording can be given to listen to your friends or relatives. In the tab


there is a synchronization with a living wall, reminiscent of a chat on VKontakte. Budist - social alarm clock, somebody wake me up [Free] There, as it is not difficult to guess, there is communication between users of the service. From there, you can already view the profiles on VKontakte of other people's users and, thereby, make new acquaintances. If you want to wake up from someone's benevolent exclamations, then you should set an alarm for this. The peculiarity is that you can set any time, but the move will be not one minute, but five. In general, this does not interfere at all. Budist - social alarm clock, somebody wake me up [Free] The application, of course, has a site where it is more convenient to edit your profile and view other people's. You can also view all the calls you made. The app is active on iPhone and on iPad. It is developing and available not only on the territory of Russia, but also abroad. So don't be surprised if an Ethiopian or Frenchman wakes you up in his native French in the morning. Later, the application will appear on the outdated Java and Symbian platforms. If you have any questions about the application, there is a section for help in it. There you will find frequently asked questions and, of course, answers to them. The developer also provided a short video describing the work of the service. The application is extremely pleasant to use and has an attractive design. It is immediately clear that it was made by professional designers and wisely. In truth, the application is unique in its functionality. It allows you to give kind words and receive kindness in return. It's also a good way to make acquaintance outside of this app. Install from AppStore

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