Bus Derby – Bus Race [Free]

Bus Derby - Bus Race [Free] There are already quite a few games in the mobile AppStore, including those from the racing genre, and there are a lot of races there: from simple cars to bus ones. The latter will be discussed today, namely the free Bus Derby. Bus Derby - Bus Race [Free] One of the unusual features of Bus Derby, as mentioned above, is that you are not driving an ordinary sports car, but an ordinary bus. As in regular races, your goal is to come first, ahead of your opponents. Bus Derby - Bus Race [Free] After starting the game, you need to select the type of race: time trial 'Time Trial', regular 'Single Race' and 'Tournaments' competition. Initially, only a single race is available, and to open the other two, you need to give in-game shifters, which can be earned during the race or bought through In-App Purchases. To tell you the truth, the menu graphics are nothing special. Then you need to choose the bus on which you will ride, initially only the first is available, but later, earning money, you can buy a better one. The game also has the ability to upgrade the purchased bus, improving the engine, wheels and nitrous oxide. Bus Derby - Bus Race [Free] The most interesting thing begins after the start of the race itself: 16 long buses leave the track at once, and the track itself is an ordinary oval race track, you need to show great dexterity to get ahead. The controls are quite simple: to accelerate – keep your finger on the right side of the screen, to accelerate – tap twice on the right, to brake – tap on the left side of the screen, and to turn, just twist the device. Bus Derby - Bus Race [Free] In general, the game turned out to be quite good, but I would like the developers to work on the graphics, the advantage of the game is that although it is free, it does not suck a lot of money from the user for in-game purchases.

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