Calc Improved – cool calculator for iPhone

Tell me – do you like the standard calculator iOS? Honestly. He, of course, is not bad in field conditions. To quickly calculate something in between times. However, it is not suitable for serious work.

Calc Improved - cool calculator for iPhone

It can of course be used. But why suffer when App Store has many alternatives? Independent developers have created hundreds of advanced counterparts – everyone will find their own.

Remember the built-in solution in iOS 11. In 2017 it stopped doing single digit operations (due to animation issues). Third-party applications save you from such glitches.

Calc Improved - cool calculator for iPhone

We recommend paying attention to Calc Improved. First, it was authored by Oleg Barinov. Seeing compatriots in App Store is always nice. Secondly, the program is of high quality and free.

Calc Improved is a real gift for the new school year. A find for students and schoolchildren (as well as parents checking lessons). Rich functionality meets simplicity.

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Looking for long expressions? You are welcome. Computation history? It opens in 2 modes – half the screen or the whole (whichever is more convenient at the moment). There is everything. Trigonometry, logarithms, roots, degrees and percentages.

Edits are made to any part – by placing the cursor. You don't need to clear the input field. Landscape or portrait orientation – no difference. Calc Improved supports both.

Calc Improved - cool calculator for iPhone

The controls are intuitive. Swipe right, up, or down. This displays hidden activities and more. The comments are worthy of separate praise. Marking specific lines makes it easier to parse later.

The presence of a dark theme is also encouraging. Good news for those making calculations at night. This design option is included in the settings. An unexpected bonus for such a small utility. By the way, it weighs 29 MB.

Calc Improved - cool calculator for iPhone

To run Calc Improved, you need a device based on iOS no worse than 9.0. Among other things, family access is offered (for 6 participants). Minuses? Is that advertising, which is turned off for money. However, 29 rubles is not a very frightening amount. Fair deal.

Should I bet on a permanent basis? Give Calc Improved a shot. We liked the app. There is a chance that it will work for you. Try it.

You can download the application from the link here.

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