CamCard (Business Card Reader): Business Card Scanner & Organizer

CamCard (Business Card Reader): Business Card Scanner & Organizer To a person far from big business, the very idea of ​​CamCard (Business Card Reader) – a 'reading room' for business cards may seem senseless. Well, why do you need a business card scanner? And, in general, how did this expensive application make it to the top list of the best programs for iPhone last year? Firstly, CamCard is not just a scanner-reader for your business cards, it is also a great organizer. How often did you, receiving a small piece of paper with an important phone number of a doctor, plumber, teacher, or just a new acquaintance, subsequently lose this piece of paper and scold yourself for being absent-minded? It's the 21st century and similar situations can be avoided if you have iPhone and the CamCard application installed at your fingertips. CamCard (Business Card Reader): Business Card Scanner & Organizer How to use CamCard? You just need to take a clear picture of the business card so that the program can recognize all the data from the business card and subsequently enter it either into your general contacts or save it within the application. The received data from business cards can be organized, edited, combined into groups, marked with notes and sent by e-mail to friends. In addition to its main function – scanning, recognizing and saving data from business cards, CamCard allows you to protect data with a password, export files to Excel, and match with already added contacts in your phone book to avoid matches. It also knows how to recognize business cards with a QR code, edit text and photos received from a scanner – crop, delete unnecessary information, add notes, flip the image, etc. CamCard (Business Card Reader): Business Card Scanner & Organizer CamCard is a handy and really useful application that can serve you well, no matter what your occupation. Developer: IntSig Information Co. Current version: Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires at least iOS 3.1. Install from AppStore

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