Camera 360 – universal photo program [Free]

Camera 360 - universal photo program [Free]  In the depths App Store there has long been an application called Camera 360, it is worth noting that the number 360 in the name of the program is not without reason. No, the application does not know how to shoot panoramas at all, and the developers themselves position their creation as a program with which you can shoot anything. Camera 360 - universal photo program [Free]  'Camera 360' will help you to easily replace the standard 'Camera' application, as it is just as convenient and easy to use, but more functional. The beauty of the app is that you can easily take a photo of an object and edit it right away, and there are many cool effects and post-processing possibilities. Camera 360 - universal photo program [Free]  The photo we will edit can be immediately photographed or imported from a custom library iOS. Next, we can remove facial defects in the photo, as well as red eyes, then crop the picture, adjust the standard parameters of the photo, add some texture, make focus, and finally apply various special effects! Camera 360 - universal photo program [Free]  For example, you can take a photo in the style of 'retro', or 'Lomo', and also, the program has the ability to create 'cartoons', 'sketches' and, saturated with colors, photos. The editor pleased with its capabilities, as well as the fact that after editing a photo, you can immediately 'share' it on social networks or save it to the memory of your device. Camera 360 - universal photo program [Free]  The developers themselves update the application quite often, so the number of effects is growing steadily!

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