CamFind – Image Search with Speech Recognition [Free]

CamFind - Image Search with Speech Recognition [Free] Did you know that in order to find something on the Internet, it is not necessary to type the name of the object into the search bar. CamFind is an application for iPhone designed to search for information about the objects shown in the photo. It is enough to point the camera iPhone at the object and take a picture of it. Recognition, search and output of information is undertaken by CamFind. The program can work both with fresh pictures that you take directly in the application, and with photographs from the film. CamFind - Image Search with Speech Recognition [Free] CamFind is a smart photo search engine that, in addition to direct functions, is able to recognize voice and search for phrases, and it copes with this task simply excellently, tested on personal experience. CamFind - Image Search with Speech Recognition [Free] I didn't even think that the application works so quickly and efficiently, although the former may depend on the speed of your Internet connection. My MacBook, photographed in full face, CamFind recognized on the first try. After identification in the application, information appeared not only about where the Mac can be purchased, but also general information from the manufacturer. CamFind - Image Search with Speech Recognition [Free] It would be biased to talk about the quality of object identification from a photograph in CamFind based on one test photo. I decided to take a photo of my old two-card Nokia 301. Guess how the application identified my mobile phone? “Black candy bar”. I was very surprised when in the search results in the forefront I found a link to a black toilet. Well, okay, really, it is not so easy to recognize a completely black mobile phone with only one Nokia logo. The application works anyway, and that's the main thing. CamFind - Image Search with Speech Recognition [Free] CamFind - Image Search with Speech Recognition [Free] As I already mentioned, the program can recognize the voice and search for the names of the objects you pronounced. 3 attempts to pronounce the words “iPhone”, “Nokia” and “MacBook”, and CamFind recognized them with 100% accuracy, bravo! The app uses speech recognition technology from Nuance. According to rumors, it was this company that developed and develops the voice assistant Siri. CamFind - Image Search with Speech Recognition [Free] So, if you need to search for information on the Internet here and now, without having to launch a web browser and type the names of objects into the search bar yourself, CamFind is one of the best applications. They give it away at App Store for free, which makes the offer very tempting. Yes, I completely forgot to say that CamFind supports a large number of languages, so it will not be difficult for the application to recognize your speech in French or English. The program works only if you have an Internet connection.

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