Cartoon Face – funny effects [Free]

Cartoon Face - funny effects [Free] If you want to have fun or make your loved ones and friends smile, give them a cartoon 'Expensive' – you say, 'not at all' – I will answer you! With App Store support and the iPhone 'Cartoon Face' app, you can create cartoon caricatures from photos simply, quickly, and for free! But, even if you are not a supporter of cartoon jokes, the application will still delight you. Cartoon Face has a very large number of various cartoon effects (more than 20) among which (in addition to cartoon big eyes) there are quite realistic ones, such as a wink, smile, sadness or a sly grin, as well as parody – a Martian, a man – a light bulb, a fat man etc. Cartoon Face - funny effects [Free] I propose to understand the management, although there is nothing to understand, by and large, because, thanks to the simple and intuitive interface, you are unlikely to have any questions. First, select a photo for processing. You can choose from the phone gallery or take a new picture. We select a photo and upload it to the application, then the image is saved on the application server (do not be alarmed, the photo will not be available for viewing and will be automatically deleted after 24 hours). Cartoon Face - funny effects [Free] As soon as the image is loaded, you can safely start choosing the effect. By the way, do not rush to close the application, if the chamomile runs for too long and the inscription “loading” or “processing” is lit, the images are loaded really long (about 5 minutes). Cartoon Face - funny effects [Free] After you have chosen the effect, the image is saved in the gallery of your phone, and you can send the funny caricature to a friend by mail using Facebook or Twitter. Cartoon Face - funny effects [Free] A good mood for you and your friends is simply guaranteed with the 'Cartoon Face' application!

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