Cat Story – Story of cats

Cat Story - Story of cats Game Insight again pleases fans of casual games with a new development. Now they offer us to play the next “Funny Farm” and visit, together with the main characters, on a desert island. Judging by past projects, there is no reason to doubt that the game turned out to be cool. It remains only to look at it with one eye and draw the appropriate conclusions. What is always lacking in games of this genre is adventure. Here, the developers have tried their best. We have a plot that we will go through gradually. Cat Story - Story of cats The gameplay is known from past games – we complete tasks, collect points and bonuses, build up the island. The controls are also simple. We tap on objects to activate an action, and then we collect materials, money and stars. Some elements of the game are shown in the screenshot below. Cat Story - Story of cats Cat Story - Story of cats Tasks are completed in the course of the plot. A cat who survived a shipwreck must find and save her friends, gradually equipping her life on the island. Cat Story - Story of cats Cat Story - Story of cats If there are not enough materials for completing tasks, we look at the warehouse, how much is needed and go to the store to shop. Cat Story - Story of cats Cat Story - Story of cats The most impatient will have to pay real money, because the mechanism of the game is such that in order to get something, you have to wait. And if you want to speed up the process, then for this you will have to lay out virtual funds, which are bought for rubles. Cat Story - Story of cats Output. Colorful, interesting, with a good plot and unhurried music. Cat Story is a fun game for people of almost all ages. To appreciate the graphics a little and get acquainted with the gameplay, you can watch my little video. Good luck! VIDEO

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