Chugginstonn Traintastic – Children's Railway

Chugginstonn Traintastic - Children's Railway Chugginstonn Traintastic - Children's Railway Do you want to keep your child busy with something fun and interesting? We suggest you put on your iPhone the Chuggington Traintastic train game. It was created based on the cartoon of the same name, which tells about a city inhabited by cheerful and friendly trains. Chugginstonn Traintastic - Children's Railway The task is to manage the trains, build various objects on the playing field, such as barriers, traffic lights, etc. Free building “Build & Play” is available in the game, as well as four boxes with levels: Braking Brewster, The Brewster Booster, Jet Pack Wilson and Can't Catch Koko. By going to the My Collection section you can view all the videos from the game, as well as view all the objects. Chugginstonn Traintastic - Children's Railway To control the train, simply plot its route by swiping your finger along the road in the desired direction. If your child has chosen the free game mode, then first he will need to take the trains he needs from the depot. There are five options in total. After that, you can install an add-on to the train, namely various cars, a jet engine, and boosters. After that, you will be able to move freely around the playing field. You can also switch to night mode. To do this, click on the button with the image of the month next to the “Pause” button. Moving around the field, you can find various coins with the image of various additions, for example, with a traffic light or a barrier. When the train passes over this coin, it will become possible to establish the object that was depicted on it. Chugginstonn Traintastic - Children's Railway If your child has chosen a leveled mode, then he will need to complete game tasks, such as delivering a train to the right place or installing something on it. Price: 199 p. Install from AppStore

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