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City Guide and

CityGuide is a navigation service from the CityGuide company. Developed for navigators, and recently appeared on iPhone. In terms of functionality and price, the program is similar to the recently tested “Progorod”. Its advantages include accurate and detailed maps, as well as the Traffic 2.0 service, which will help you get to your destination without traffic congestion.

The second version of 'Traffic' has been improved a lot. Now CityGuide distinguishes traffic jams by lanes. For example, if there is a traffic jam in the far right lane before a turn, and the road is straight ahead (and you just need to go ahead), then the application will not drive you into a detour.

In addition, the system analyzes events. For example, if any avenue stands every morning, then at this time the navigator will direct you along a different route.

The card is convenient. On it you will find various institutions: gas stations, hospitals, shops, and so on. You can download information about traffic police posts, radars and security cameras.

The app quickly searches for routes and responds instantly to requests. During the ride, the system also does not 'think' or be late with recommendations. This way you will not miss your turn.

City Guide and

In addition to an accurate navigation system, the application has the following unique options:

– updating of maps of your region (both city and road with indication of all new signs, speed limits, etc.) occurs automatically through professional cartographic Internet services. Moreover, both free cards (Moscow, Moscow region, St. Petersburg and Eurasia) and paid cards of the regions of Russia and abroad are available;

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– the service works around the clock, providing the driver with operational information about traffic congestion;

– the application supports, in addition to Apple devices, a large number of platforms and operating systems, a list of which can be found on the application page on the iTunes website.

City Guide and

Decent app, but I recommend reading reviews on the program page in iTunes before buying.

But you can try the demo version absolutely free.


Current version: 3.9.32

Price: $ 34.99

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod Touch and also iPad. Requires at least iOS 3.0.

Install from AppStore

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