Radium – internet radio [Free]

Radium - internet radio [Free] How often do you use radio receivers? Probably very rarely, because now the Internet is gaining more and more popularity, and most people have access to it. Therefore, resourceful developers have released a convenient program for iPhone, which allows you to listen to various radio stations via the Internet. Radium - internet radio [Free] Today we are going to talk about the convenient Radium program for listening to radio over the Internet. The developers have added all popular radio stations to this program, in which chiles there are Russian channels. The program has a convenient division of all stations by genre, for example, if you are a rock lover, but do not know a suitable radio station, you can easily find it by keyword. Radium - internet radio [Free] The program interface is made in the style iOS 7 and does not contain anything superfluous. The main screen of the application displays radio stations to which you are subscribed. You just need to click on any of them and playback will start. To find a new channel, click on 'Find more stantions'. The color scheme of the program automatically adjusts to the color style of the radio station, another feature is that if a musical composition is playing on the radio, the program itself finds the cover for it. Radium - internet radio [Free] In the program settings, there is an equalizer, which, in addition to manual settings, is also able to automatically select values ​​for the playing composition. The app will automatically sync your settings using iCloud. It is also possible to set up synchronization with the Last.fm service. Radium - internet radio [Free] And in honor of Black Friday and Thanksgiving, which take place in the United States, the developers of the program distribute it completely free of charge in the mobile AppStore.

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