Clicker – endless game [Free]

Clicker - endless game [Free] Hello dear readers! Today I propose to draw your attention to the application for iPhone 'Clicker – get your city with a spaceport'. According to the developer, this is 'the simplest game that you can't beat'. Well, let's see if this is so. So, we launch the application and … and we get lost, because the only thing we see is a big green button, which, when pressed, starts to count something. Clicker - endless game [Free] Let me explain: as soon as you launched the application, you immediately became the owner of your city, which needs residents. So, 'tapping' on the screen, you populate your city with new inhabitants, and the counter just counts how many inhabitants you have now. If it is still not clear what is going on here, then I advise you to look at the description of the game. Everything is described there in more than detail. Clicker - endless game [Free] Clicker - endless game [Free] I also advise you to pay attention to the fact that there are 'achievements' in the application, that is, achievements. For example, 1000 people have 'natapali', here is the 'achievement' for you 🙂 Clicker - endless game [Free] By the way, you will be surprised, but in the application in which you only need to press the screen endlessly there is an in-game store (!) As wild as it may sound, but people pay in the store … The assortment of the store offers you everything to improve the infrastructure of your city: schools, hospitals, airports and so on. You can also imagine a cool esthete and buy a couple of artifacts. Clicker - endless game [Free] Clicker - endless game [Free] Well, for real – real money, they offer to buy sets of stars … why they are really needed is not entirely clear. Clicker - endless game [Free] You can also compete with your friends in the ability to quickly tap and make neighbors through Facebook. Clicker - endless game [Free] By the way, the design of the application exactly corresponds to its theme – bright colors and simple icons. It couldn't be easier. Do you know what is most offensive? – when you have been pressing the screen all evening, expecting that the counter is about to approach the mark of 100% (and dialing a hundred is really not easy, since as soon as you interrupt for at least a couple of seconds the counter is reset to zero), I got my way and went to bed , and in the morning you see the following: Clicker - endless game [Free] Well, now you have to sit and 'tap' again … And as much as there is enough not only strength – nerves! 🙂

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