Collection of programs for iPhone – part 2

Collection of programs for iPhone - part 2


The program allows you to use the ICQ service and the like on your phone (AIM, MobileME, .Mac, Windows Live, MSN, Yahoo, GTalk, Jabber). At the same time, it is possible to simultaneously be connected to several.


Almost google map for iphone. For some areas and major cities in the US, very good detail, otherwise a schematic map. You can determine your location on the map using built-in GPS or cell towers. The program works over Wifi, 3G or Edge.


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The program shows you where you are using cell towers or GPS. There is a built-in compass. Your location can be shown on Goodle Maps. Suitable for iPhone 2G and 3G.


Displays the phase of the moon. Gives sunrise and sunset information for your area.


Another voice recorder for iPhone. Simple and easy to use.

Instructions: how to install the program on an iphone via an .ipa file.

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