Colorburn – photo filters for every taste

Colorburn - photo filters for every taste The camera is one of the most commonly used functions iPhone. And if you agree with this statement and actively photograph yourself, pay attention to the program from this review. Colorburn is an app with photo filters for iPhone, the developers of which seem to be seriously determined to break all records. The fact is that at your service there are over a thousand filters, and a selection of special effects that you can apply on the fly. Now, with the main or front camera iPhone, you can take really fantastic pictures! At the first launch, you will be shown a short video presentation of the possibilities and features of working with the application, after which you can immediately start working. You can add a photo by selecting a ready-made image from the 'Camera Roll', or by taking a picture with the camera. Colorburn - photo filters for every taste We press the button 'Edit' in the bottom menu and now, on the way of your creative ideas, there will be no obstacles. Filters, vignette, brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, frames – these and many other editing options are available. Colorburn - photo filters for every taste You can apply effects on the fly by simply swiping your finger across the picture until you find something that interests you. Using the circle with the number '75', which you can see in the picture below, you can adjust the intensity of the filter overlay, by default there is a 100% value. Colorburn - photo filters for every tasteColorburn - photo filters for every taste Various other parameters, for example, the same 'Contrast', in Colorburn also change without problems. A few minutes spent experimenting will yield excellent results. Effects can be viewed in batches – in the format of overlaying a grid of several filters. This greatly simplifies the task of choosing, because you can clearly compare several of them at once. Those that you especially like can be added to 'Favorites' by clicking on the heart at the top. Another cool feature is the split photo. Its essence is that you select several images, and the program combines them into one. Colorburn - photo filters for every tasteColorburn - photo filters for every taste Most of the filters are available for free, and with the help of in-app purchases, you can buy a number of additional ones. There is nothing great about Colorburn, it's just an app that does a good job at it. And with its cost of only 15 rubles, you will definitely not regret your purchase.

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