Cordy 2 – a kind robot [Free]

Cordy 2 - a kind robot [Free] Cordy 2 - a kind robot [Free] Today our attention was attracted by a very nice “runner” Cordy 2. Silverthree media did what few people do – quite a good arcade game in 3D. The original version for iPhone was modeled after Doodle jump. But due to the popularity of arcades, the developers decided to release a sequel and it was right! The game turned out to be excellent. Cordy 2 - a kind robot [Free] Let's start with the history of Cordy.If you played the first part, then you probably know that Cordy is a cute little robot that flew to its planet, but lost its course. The gameplay is somewhat expanded than in similar games (Rock Runner, Monster Desh and others). Cordy can not only run forward, but also go backward, if necessary. The function of “teleportation” is funny – as soon as we see the outlet, we press the button in the steam bottom corner and the robot will move to the required place using electricity. Cordy 2 - a kind robot [Free] You also need to remember to collect the gears – you can get stars for them at the end of the level. You also need to fight evil robots, it's not difficult – just jump on them, and they will crumble, and Cordy will get gears. The controls in the game, although expanded to 4 and 5 buttons, are still as simple – just press the right button at the right moment. The developers also approached the completion of the level in an original way – the goal is not just to run across it corny, but to connect 2 magnets “+” and “-“. Cordy 2 - a kind robot [Free] Each level has clues that are transmitted to us by secondary characters – other robots. Cordy 2 - a kind robot [Free] Cordy 2 - a kind robot [Free] It all adds up to a nice and cute design. Bright, but at the same time soft colors look very advantageous. It's nice to switch boxes in the form of planets, it's nice to play. True, you can only play 4 levels for free, the rest will have to be bought. Cordy 2 - a kind robot [Free] Although the toy looks childish, it will also appeal to an adult. Smiling Cordy will not leave you indifferent! And the beautiful view of the menu, also made in 3D, will beckon to play again.

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