CounterSpy – back to the USSR �

The original CounterSpy made its debut on the PlayStation family consoles (PS3, PS4 and PS Vita) and was warmly received by gamers, which means that porting to mobile operating systems was a matter of time. Moved the game to iOS and Android almost completely, with the exception of some plot restrictions: if in the original CounterSpy observed national neutrality, it was possible to select missions in the USA and the USSR, then to mobile systems transferred only the storyline of the former Soviet Union, the company is not available in the USA. Good or not, it's up to you individually … CounterSpy - back to the USSR � A new threat looms over the world, two powerful organizations, in pursuit of the status of “The Most”, organized a “competition” who will be able to demolish its only satellite, the Moon, from Earth's orbit. The only one who can stop human madness is a professional spy in the service of the mysterious organization C.O.U.N.T.E.R. Welcome to the full-fledged port of CounterSpy, a console-based action platformer. CounterSpy - back to the USSR � CounterSpy is a kind of action platformer with cartoon graphics and a consistent storyline. The platformer is linear (2D), but with some reservations: when shooting from behind cover, the camera changes its angle – an interesting solution, convenient and unusual. CounterSpy - back to the USSR � If you are fed up with Western Russophobia, do not rush to deny yourself the pleasure of spending your free time playing. Yes, the murder of Russian soldiers for the heirs of the Soviet Union era cannot be called a pleasant affair, but CounterSpy is primarily a game, without a hint of any serious philosophical reflections, just never mind what is happening, stretch your fingers, develop motor skills, skills and tactical thinking . CounterSpy - back to the USSR � You will play as a professional spy whose task is to prevent the launch of a nuclear missile from a Russian base, steal secret documents and disable navigation software. The task only sounds familiar and simple, in fact, it will be difficult to implement it from the very beginning. There are several ways to deal with the guards, you can do it quietly (by hitting the head or breaking the neck through a grab from behind), or with the help of firearms (new types and ammunition can be found in guarded safes). The spy's priority elimination remains silent elimination. If shots are heard in an adjacent room, the general alert level will be increased, and this will make the guards more vigilant. Sometimes in the same room there will be several guards at once, who cannot be eliminated silently, but there is nowhere to go. CounterSpy - back to the USSR � It is a pity that the game is not available in Russian, it would be useful to read the briefing and tips in your native language. But it’s difficult to call it a problem, English is simple and understandable even without a dictionary (if at school it was your second language). Despite the fact that we have a linear platformer, the graphics look modern and organic, and sometimes funny. The controls are quite complex, there are a lot of gestures: jump, run, aim, reload firearms. You will have to try to master all the nuances, but there is time. More precisely, the time in the game is not limited, you do not need to run headlong in fear of being late before launching the rocket. CounterSpy - back to the USSR � If you get shot, the mission will have to start over, there are no checkpoints or intermediate save in CounterSpy, another incentive to be more precise and careful. The CounterSpy port on iOS turned out to be no worse than the original version: graphics, plot sequence, controls and combat system were moved. If you don't think about goals, you can enjoy the game. In App Store CounterSpy sells an expensive 279 rubles, but, in my subjective opinion, the game is worth it. The game is already in the shared account.

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