Countries of the world – travel guide [free]

Countries of the world - travel guide [free] Hello dear readers! Summer is approaching and with it holidays. And you can already start choosing a place for your trip. Let it be Germany. But what ambushes can wait at customs? And in general, what and how is the country famous for? The World Countries application is ready to answer these and other questions! Countries of the world - travel guide [free] Upon entering the application, we immediately go to the content download page and see that one huge library with the main large countries has already been loaded. When entering the library, you can select the country according to its belonging to the location zone (Asia, Africa, Europe, Antarctica, and so on). Countries of the world - travel guide [free] Next, we select a specific country and begin to find out various details about it. Information about each country is different, but mostly these are historical facts, places worth paying attention to and customs restrictions (in case you decide to withdraw something from the country, but do not know if it is allowed, and if allowed, then in what quantities). Countries of the world - travel guide [free] But this application has, in addition to a scattering of positive qualities, and some negative points, although they will be visible only to inveterate tourists: in order to get acquainted with small countries, we are given to download additional data libraries, and they cost money, and not very small ones. And the developers could add more information on individual large countries. As a result, the application has both good and bad qualities, but it is very easy for a simple layman to put up with bad qualities. Moreover, the application does not require a permanent connection to the Internet, which is a big plus, if we take into account the tendency towards permanent connection and being on-line. Tourists who want to know general and not very information about any country will definitely like the application. Good luck!

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