– all coupon discounts [Free] - all coupon discounts [Free]

Do you love coupon sites that give you the opportunity to get something tasty, visit something interesting, or buy something useful? I love it very much, because they provide a good opportunity to save money on entertainment. The only problem is that there are a ton of coupon sites out there. And every day there is no desire to look through everything, as well as receive a dozen letters in the mail. This is where various coupon site aggregators come to the rescue. One of them can fit in your pocket – the Couponator app.

The application can be used immediately after installation, just enter your e-mail and you will be registered without any “repeat password”.

There are two options for viewing all the discounts available for your city: a list that is sorted by the date of the offers and a map that you can quickly navigate by, the second option is convenient to use when choosing a place to go, for example, so that a restaurant is closer to work. , and a cinema next to the house, or vice versa. - all coupon discounts [Free]

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The offers you like can be marked with an asterisk, and they will be transferred to the list of favorites, I actively use this function to add a list of interesting coupons, and then deal with them in more detail.

Going into the details of a particular promotion, you will see a short description, the emblem of the site on which this offer is posted, the end date of the sale, as well as a large button to go to the site of the promotion. All the information you need at your fingertips. - all coupon discounts [Free]

Sorting by category is perfectly done, if I suddenly decided that I want to eat cheaper, go to the desired section and choose only from the offers that are interesting to me.

There is an interesting item in the application settings – “hide offers for women”, but not an item to hide offers for men, what caused such discrimination, I don't know, although I suspect, but it looks extremely funny. - all coupon discounts [Free]

A great app that can save you tons of time and money, I recommend to all users of coupon sites.

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