Crocodile Swampy 2 – New Voyage [Free]

Crocodile Swampy 2 - New Voyage [Free] Not so long ago, a sequel to everyone's favorite toy “Crocodile Swampy 2” was released and, as you understand, this application for iPhone will be discussed in today's review. The second part of the famous game will delight you with 100 new levels and slightly updated design. So, for example, the level selection menu looks in a new way, and is a kind of “journey” through the pipe as you progress through the levels. Thus, you “swim” from one reservoir to another. The idea is interesting. Crocodile Swampy 2 - New Voyage [Free] Also, the usual menu is now absent, it is replaced by small icons on the bottom of the screen. Crocodile Swampy 2 - New Voyage [Free] Crocodile Swampy 2 - New Voyage [Free] By the way, in addition to new levels, a new character is also waiting for us, complementing Swampy and Cranky – charming Ellie 🙂 Crocodile Swampy 2 - New Voyage [Free] But back to the game itself and the gameplay. The essence of the game has not changed at all compared to the first part – your task is still to open Swampy access to water, digging a path and collecting all the ducks. True, in the second part, the developers nevertheless showed resourcefulness and now the same level can be passed in several ways, earning additional ducks. Crocodile Swampy 2 - New Voyage [Free] Crocodile Swampy 2 - New Voyage [Free] Another innovation was “energy”, which acts as a limiter and does not allow the user to continue playing until he either pays 33 rubles, or a certain amount of time (day) has passed until the player can resume the game. Not the most pleasant “surprise”, although at the same time it is already a fairly common practice. Crocodile Swampy 2 - New Voyage [Free] It is also worth noting that the game crashes from time to time, which is just as upsetting and even annoying. Well … I think with a clear conscience you can assign a solid 4 to the game! Let's hope that the developers will soon notice that they made a mistake and fix it and the game will stop crashing.

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