Custom Ringtone Creator Pro

Custom Ringtone Creator Pro

This application can be called the key to the unique and interesting world of creating ringtones from familiar and favorite songs. The process of creating a ringtone will not cause any difficulties and will turn this time into a fun and enjoyable experience.

In addition to creating unique compositions, it is possible to create completely new melodies by changing the speed. Fine tuning, cutting with an accuracy of a split second allows you to get a high quality ringtone. Unlike programs of a similar orientation, it has many settings that allow you to create interesting and unique compositions.


– Maximum ringtone duration – 40 seconds

– Increase and decrease sound in 1 second steps. And in the range from 0 to 20 sec.

– Change step is 0.01 seconds

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– Change in speed from 0.5-2.0 times. Change step – 0.025 times

To create a ringtone, just follow a few simple steps:

– Choose the melody from which you want to create a ringtone

– Specify the start and end point of the melody to cut the desired passage (up to 40 seconds)

– Click on the convert button, as a result of which the program will send the ringtone by e-mail

– Open iTunes and drag the music file received by e-mail into it

– Synchronize iPhone with computer

The program is free

Install from AppStore: Custom Ringtone Creator Pro

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