Cut the Rope: Gimme the candy [Hit]

Cut the Rope: Gimme the candy [Hit]  Cut the Rope: Gimme the candy [Hit]  Another cult game that has practically not lost its popularity. Cut the Rope puzzle game was developed by the Russian company ZeptoLab and presented to users in 2010. In 2011, the sequel to Cut the Rope: Experiments was released. In such a short time, the game became the leader in App Store – 45 million copies were downloaded! Besides the great idea, the main character plays an important role in making the game so popular on iPhone. This is a funny adorable creature with an affectionate name Om Nom, which requires love and affection, and, of course, enhanced nutrition. Om Nom's menu is special – he prefers … Sweets. You, as a loving owner of the animal, need to satisfy the hunger of a growing young organism. The lollipops are hanging on strings and must be cut correctly to get the candy into the mouth of the voracious creature. The game seems quite simple, but you will have to remember the basic laws of physics (the vibrations of the ropes are damping; some ropes must be cut, keeping in mind the acceleration). The difficulty coefficient increases from level to level, additional ropes appear (auto-ropes, moving, shooting), soap bubbles, rockets, airbags, snails, dangerous spikes. Cut the Rope: Gimme the candy [Hit]  Do not forget to collect prize stars – more points makes it possible to open new locations – Cardboard, Rag, Gift, Space, etc. The game leaves a pleasant impression – simple, beautiful, unobtrusive … Add to your real pets – Pirates, Muski and Barsik – a kind virtual monster …

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