Damn Little Town – Classic Board Game

Damn Little Town - Classic Board Game

Studio Lumarama has released a rather curious toy. Damn Little Town or Cursed Town will interest those who love classic board games, as well as turn-based strategies. Now two game modes are available: against a computer player, as well as against a person on one device. The developers are planning a full-fledged multiplayer. It is worth noting that the number of players varies from one to four.

The game is divided into two stages: construction and resettlement of people, as well as the evacuation of the same population. Further – about everything in order.

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Initially, we have before us the most ordinary classic Carcassonne. Players need to place element cards, as well as their inhabitants on the map. There is only one difference – it is also necessary to make paths to the corners of the playing field. There are rescue pyramids, accessibility to which will become key in the ending. Periodically, parts of the map go underground, preventing players from completing the planned placement.

Damn Little Town - Classic Board Game

As soon as the placement is over, a curse falls on all residents of the city. This is where the evacuation phase begins. A universal evil creeps out from under the earth, which prevents people from reaching those very saving Pyramids. Opponents who can kill your people, block their passage, impose curses are also actively interfering. The winner, naturally, will be the one who saves more of his subjects.

Damn Little Town - Classic Board Game

Summing up, it should be noted that the toy is quite interesting and exciting. The sound and design are performed at a fairly professional level, the gameplay is thought out. The only thing missing is multiplayer. With him, the game runs the risk of becoming very popular among fans of board games, and not only them.

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