DB Meter – noise meter

dB Meter - noise meter Well, it's noisy here … Dear readers, I present to your attention an application for iPhone “dB Meter”, which measures the noise level, in other words, a sound level meter. According to the developers, this application is intended to help you save money on the purchase of expensive noise meters, and they are also in a hurry to assure that the application measures noise quite accurately. Well … I had a chance to test the application using a laptop and music, but I must admit that the mobile sound level meter reacted to all sound changes quite quickly, clearly and realistically. dB Meter - noise meter By the way, it should be noted that the application is quite sensitive and can react even to very quiet sounds. In addition, the application keeps a record, so you will always have “compromising” on your neighbors, just in case, so to speak 🙂 dB Meter - noise meter Moreover, “dB Meter” even has a noise level reference, which lists the most commonly heard noises. dB Meter - noise meter The application also has a very nice design. The interface is made in black and red colors, which, you see, is very stylish. dB Meter - noise meter In addition, “dB Meter” has not only a beautiful, but also a convenient interface, as well as easy to operate. Everything is clear on an intuitive level, so even a child can figure out where to click to save the record. The developers came up with an original “cubic” style of the application. To switch from one screen to another, just slide your finger from the edge of the screen to the center and you will move to another menu window. dB Meter - noise meter But no matter how good it may seem at first glance, the “dB Meter” program sometimes freezes. During the half hour that I tested it, it stuck twice. However, perhaps this is just a coincidence. In general, the application is interesting, and if someone needs to take such measurements, they can save money on buying special devices.

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