Dead Trigger 2 – Advanced Zombie Offensive [Free]

Dead Trigger 2 - Advanced Zombie Offensive [Free] The other day in the mobile AppStore appeared the game Dead Trigger 2, which is a continuation of the popular super hit. Dead Trigger is one of the best zombie shooter for iPhone from the first person with great graphics. Moreover, the game is completely free. Dead Trigger 2 - Advanced Zombie Offensive [Free] According to the plot, you have to save all of humanity from the world zombie apocalypse. The player needs to shoot all the zombies, clearing various buildings from them. In games, you will also need to save some people who will help you with medicines or weapons in the future. In the new part, the developers have added several types of zombies, with different levels of health, which are not so easy to destroy. Dead Trigger 2 - Advanced Zombie Offensive [Free] One of the interesting innovations is that you have the ability to connect a physical game controller to your phone and control the game process with it. Because of this, this game is only installed on devices with iOS 7 and higher. Dead Trigger 2 - Advanced Zombie Offensive [Free] During the gameplay, you will independently move around the territory, while clearing it of all zombies. At your discretion, there is a large selection of weapons that can be bought for in-game money issued after the end of the mission. One of the convenient innovations in the control is that you just need to point the pistol at the zombie, and he will automatically shoot, this is very convenient, because on the small screen iPhone you can easily miss the 'Shoot' button . Of course, Dead Trigger 2 turned out to be a great game, with excellent graphics, soundtrack and game plot. One of its advantages is that it is completely free, and unlike freemium games, Dead Trigger can be played without spending on in-game purchases.

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