Deus Ex GO – Cyberpunk Puzzle

Deus Ex GO - Cyberpunk Puzzle The third installment in the Square Enix GO series, in which you play as Adam Jensen, an undercover agent who will solve challenging puzzles and obstacles in an unusual and very stylish cyberpunk world. From the very beginning, you don't have to waste time mastering the menu or something else that would resemble a training game. You will be immediately thrown right into the thick of the action. Moreover, the developers did not take care of the background, which is a little confusing … Deus Ex GO - Cyberpunk Puzzle In Deus Ex GO for iPhone 53 levels are waiting for you, divided into seven chapters, and if the first few can be passed without problems, then the rest will have to think carefully about where to take the next step. It is quite possible that you will have to use hints, which will not be so many in stock. Deus Ex GO - Cyberpunk Puzzle In the dialogue between the main character and other characters, it becomes obvious that we are facing some kind of serious conspiracy that no one but us can unravel. Each level is a kind of puzzle, and in the lower right corner, the minimum number of steps required to complete it is displayed. Deus Ex GO - Cyberpunk Puzzle Deus Ex GO - Cyberpunk Puzzle With each new level, Deus Ex GO becomes more and more difficult, new types of enemies appear, and also, various ways of interacting with the outside world become available, which helps to pass the security and achieve the desired goal. For example, the icon in the form of a yellow terminal means that hacking is available to you – reprogramming a combat turret, which instead of you, will begin to identify everyone else as enemies, shooting them when approaching the area of ​​action. Deus Ex GO - Cyberpunk Puzzle Blue pyramid – gives a bonus in the form of stealth mode, which allows you to go through those cherished several cells that are tightly blocked by guards. Also, other interesting special abilities will appear. The pluses of Deus Ex GO include excellent three-dimensional graphics, a large number of missions and the need to think over every move, which saves you from monotony. Of the minuses – a very simple plot and a rather high price.

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