Discovr Apps – convenient and visual search in the AppStore

Discovr Apps - convenient and visual search in the AppStore

How many apps are there in the AppStore now? Several hundred thousand, and more every day. Popular programs for iPhone occupying the top positions of the rating have long been known to everyone. New items, no matter how good they are, can end up in the far corner of this huge store for a long time. And it gathers dust there until the developers begin to actively advertise their product. Apple It is high time to do a full-fledged content search. In the meantime, this is not, and ordinary users have to flip through thousands of pages in categories to find a suitable application.

Discovr Apps avoids this tediousness by giving us a different view of the Appstore.

Discovr Apps - convenient and visual search in the AppStore

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This is a slightly different look at the familiar AppStore. Here, the search is carried out not by categories and ratings, but by similar applications. If, for example, you are looking for a vector editor for iphone, then it is enough to find only one program, and Discovr Apps itself will offer other applications for this purpose. Search results are visualized as a link between elements. Each new found object has its own connections, and so you can bypass the entire store.

For each application, you can get brief information from the description and see the working screens.

The program was temporarily free, at the time I was writing the review. But just before the publication, she suddenly had a price 🙁

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