DiskAid file manager for iPhone

DiskAid file manager for iPhone

Works with firmware 3.x.x

Attention, after installation, do not update to version 3, otherwise the program will immediately become paid. Nothing more functionally changed in the new version.

After installing the updated version of iTunes 8, the PC Suite that was working properly before iPhone refused to load, giving an error. The same fate befell iPhone Browser. I had to look for a replacement. The choice is generally not great. As far as I understand, only DiskAid can work with the latest iTunes at the moment.

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Here is a short story about him. DiskAid is completely free and easy to manage. There is a version for Windows and Mac. Unfortunately, the program does not know how to set file permissions.

When you start, the Media section opens, where your music and photos are. To go to the root section, select it from the drop-down menu in the lower left corner of the window.

For iPhone 3G, before using the program, you must first make a Jailbreak.

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