DJ Mix Tour Free. Become a professional DJ

DJ Mix Tour Free. Become a professional DJ Have you dreamed of trying yourself as a DJ blasting the dance floor with a stream of melodic rhythm? Imagine a multitude of people moving to the beat of a hit and giving you a round of applause, followed by a deafening whistle in your honor. Do you want to plunge into the dance atmosphere of movement, pleasure and an explosion of positive emotions? Now you can feel like a professional DJ with the help of an exciting game DJ Mix Tour Free. Make a name for yourself and enjoy stunning dance parties on 5 different dance floors. The game has two modes and 4 difficulty levels, thanks to which even a beginner has the opportunity to quickly learn the basics of dj-ing using the famous club hits Just Dance, Open Your Heart, Poker Face, Cry For You, Get Party Started. Features: – Simple and interactive game control, one-touch rhythm change. – 16 licensed radio hits that can be diluted with club effects, getting new dance mixes – An exclusive mixer with which you can listen, mix and edit the hit using the touch turntable. – 5 different dance floors from Ibiza to New York – 4 difficulty levels, from beginner to professional dj The program is free, installed from the AppStore. Install from AppStore DJ Mix Tour Free

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