Djay – small music studio

Djay is a small music studio Djay is a small music studio The djay program is a full-fledged DJ console with which you can mix your songs. This app for iPhone allows you to simultaneously play two songs that are taken from your media library. And the Automix function, like the “make good” button, works for the DJ in automatic mode. Your artwork can be recorded and saved in high detail AIFF format. For each track, you can adjust the playback speed, equalizer and apply various effects. You can complement your mix with professional audio effects available on the FX panel. Djay has three such panels: a simple touch panel, a more advanced custom panel, and an innovative 2D panel. Djay is a small music studio The developers paid great attention to the program interface. You can move your finger on the turntable needle or slide your finger across the record to create a variety of vinyl effects. Djay is a small music studio A huge plus of djay is that it supports connection to iDJ consoles. You can find out more about accessories on the official website of the developer using the link in the program settings (Settings – Accessories). Djay is a small music studio In the program settings, you can change the graphical interface, set the initially selected parameters, configure the iDJ remote control, enable or disable the syncing of settings via iCloud, select the country for the iTunes Store, etc. The regular price is $ 9.99.

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