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DocScanner PRO - pocket scanner In everyday life, we quite often face the need to make a copy or, more simply, scan a particular document or, say, a necessary page of a textbook. Savvy users iPhone often used a simple camera and took pictures of what they needed, but who would have thought that App Store has a special application for iPhone that allows you to make a copy in some moment. We are talking about the application “DocScanner PRO”, which is to some extent a unique application, I suggest you take a closer look at it. DocScanner PRO - pocket scanner The application allows you to make a scan of any document, receipt, or just photos, at any suitable moment, and then send it to a specific place, or use it if necessary. It is worth noting that the application is “friends” with iCloud, so rest assured – your scans are in good hands. DocScanner PRO supports various shooting formats, including PDF, PNG and JPEG, which is an advantage over simple phone photography. DocScanner PRO - pocket scanner In order to make a scan, you need to click on a white sheet in the main menu, after which something resembling a simple camera will appear on the screen and all you need to do is just “concentrate” on the right place. DocScanner PRO - pocket scanner Also, a mobile scanner allows you to slightly edit the resulting image: adjust clearer frames, add brightness and contrast – everything in this spirit. DocScanner PRO - pocket scanner After all the above steps, the scan is saved in the application library, where the date, time and place where the document was scanned are also displayed. DocScanner PRO - pocket scanner At first glance, the application seems complicated, but after digging around it turns out that everything is quite simple. Of the advantages of the application, it is perhaps worth noting that the quality of the shooting is at a fairly high level, which cannot but rejoice, as well as the speed of the application. By the way, you can print a document using any modern printer that supports AirPrint wireless printing, of course, you need a reliable and fast Internet connection (Wi-Fi is the best option in this case). Good luck!

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