Documents To Go® Free – Mobile Office with Disabilities [Free]

Documents To Go® Free - Mobile Office with Disabilities [Free]

Mobile technologies have long gone beyond the boundaries of classical use. You can create, edit and share work documents on the go, and Documents To Go is a great helper, but not perfect.

Although it is one of the best office applications for iPhone and iPad from DataViz, it allows you to create, edit and share documents (Microsoft Word or PDF), spreadsheets and presentations .

For the lack of support for the Russian language, the developer could be “swearing” for a long time, but only the shell is so simple that everything is intuitively clear even without it.

Documents To Go® Free - Mobile Office with Disabilities [Free]

In Documents To Go, you can create, view, edit and share files in the following formats: .doc (Microsoft Word), .xls (Excel), .ppt (PowerPoint) and .pdf. Files of different types are easy to distinguish, the application uses multi-colored icons + files with the extension. The files created and loaded into the application are grouped by type (extension), you can switch between different types with one tap (there is a corresponding panel for this).

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If we are talking about the free version of Documents To Go, you can create only “Word” and “Excel” files in it. If you want more, you can't do without buying the Premium version, but it costs a lot, all 549 rubles. Lot? Full file management Microsoft Office has never been cheap.

Documents To Go® Free - Mobile Office with Disabilities [Free]

In addition to restrictions on the type of files created, the free version broadcasts ads that are very distracting and sometimes even annoying. The guys from DataViz have worked hard to synchronize the content of the application with cloud storage:

Google Drive, box, Dropbox, SugarSync, iCloud and OneDrive, this feature is only available in the premium package.

If you only need synchronization with the “clouds”, you do not have to buy the entire package, for 229 rubles they will share this opportunity with you.

Documents To Go® Free - Mobile Office with Disabilities [Free]

The disadvantages, in addition to the overpriced for elementary features, can be attributed to completely incomprehensible ones, for example: in a text editor with a double tap, only one letter is highlighted on a word, and not the whole word, as it is implemented in iOS by default.

In general, if you want a simple yet functional way to process office documents and “broadcast” them to others (only by email), the free version of Documents To Go will do. Need synchronization with cloud storage and a full set of functions, then prepare some serious money for the Documents To Go Premium version.

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