Doodle Alchemy – Wizard's Lab

Doodle Alchemy - Wizard's Lab A colorful and atmospheric game in which you have to try yourself as a discoverer of the elements of the surrounding world. At the beginning there will be only four of them: earth, water, air and fire, and by connecting them together, you will discover more and more new elements. The game Doodle Alchemy for iPhone will appeal to a person of any age, because the spirit of experimentation and craving for discoveries are inherent in each of us by nature itself … To open a new element, drag any two others to the cells near the altar. The first thing I tried to mix was earth and water. The fact that in the end I was able to open such elements as a 'swamp' was quite logical)) Doodle Alchemy - Wizard's Lab But, not everything is so obvious, and the more elements you open, the more there will be a field for experimentation. Moreover, some elements still do not connect, and you will have to sort out several combinations to get some result. Doodle Alchemy - Wizard's Lab In a few minutes of experimentation, I got as many as four new elements on a separate tab, which I can continue to combine with the basic ones available. If you activate the 'Hints' button in the upper right corner, then, instead of the expected text with explanations, the algorithm will simply create a separate element for you. Doodle Alchemy - Wizard's Lab Doodle Alchemy - Wizard's Lab True, the number of prompts itself is limited, and it is better not to use them unless absolutely necessary. You can track your progress in the 'Settings', and, as it turned out, I still have a lot to strive for. Doodle Alchemy - Wizard's Lab Despite the seeming simplicity, Doodle Alchemy (Alchemy on paper) is really captivating, and it seems that even half an hour of the game will fly by completely unnoticed. The graphics are nice, and the soundtrack is very well chosen! The game is completely free with no in-app purchases. So we can definitely recommend it to all fans of such arcades.

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