Doodle Jump – Originally from childhood

Doodle Jump - Originally from childhood

Doodle Jump - Originally from childhood

This simple, but at the same time ingenious idea was implemented by the developers of Lima Sky in a virtual gaming space – the Doodle Jump game was released in April 2009. Until now, the game attracts people's attention – by June 2010, the game was purchased by more than 5 million people, and 28,000 users download it daily.

What attracts us to this game? First of all – hand-drawn and funny graphics, as if a kid was drawing, telling us about a brave little green man. The main goal of the game is to climb as high as possible using the platforms and score the maximum number of points. How long is the ascent corridor? The developer has left this question open. For each player, the length of the corridor is different, but you really want to hold out longer and not collapse into a bottomless abyss. The end of the game – the collapsed man falls on a monster, becomes involved in a black hole or abducted by a UFO.

Doodle Jump - Originally from childhood

The advantages of the game are obvious

1) simplicity and attractiveness of hand-drawn graphics

2) ease of control – only 3 buttons are involved in the game –

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left, right, center button

3) for devices with an accelerometer, movement is carried out by tilting the devices in the desired direction. It should be noted that this function is more suitable for compact devices – iPhones and iPod Touch.

4) a variety of versions of the game – regular, Jungle, Space, Cemetery, etc. Last update – December 2011 – version of Snow Blizzards.

What is in our assortment to go up the record-breaking long way?

To achieve the goal, springs and trampolines, jumping shoes come to our aid. Remember – your little hero Doodle will be very lucky if you meet a helicopter hat on the way: this miracle device will lift the little man a certain distance, and during the flight he will be invulnerable. Jetpack or rocket – similar functions, only the lift will be much higher. But not everything is so simple: monsters and UFOs lie in wait for the little hero – you need to shoot or jump on them to eliminate. Shooting is done by clicking on different parts of the screen. Platforms – differ in colors and properties, can be both helpers to our creature in moving up, and insidious – it all depends on you and the right strategy.

During the game, the score is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen, the top 10 results are saved in the highscore list.

So, a short conclusion on the game: Doodle Jump is a simple and kind toy that binds the user, forcing him to go through the endless ascent to the top again and again. How often, on the way to work or college, on the bus or subway, in line or in a cafe, we just want to sit and relax, get distracted from reality and plunge into the drawn world of childhood. Have you tried the game yet? And what is your account?))

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