Double Player: when one headphones for two

Double Player: when one headphones for two If you have a partner that you are crazy about, do not impose your musical preferences on him and do not be offended if, while walking together, he does not want to listen to what you like. Double Player can play 2 music compositions at the same time from one device, so no one will be left out. The application is as simple as possible, does not offer “parasitic” functionality, “stupidly” a separate music player for each channel. The developer's prescription is to listen to music only with headphones. Double Player: when one headphones for two The developers did not bother with the design, the main screen is divided vertically into 2 identical parts with the same content (player control buttons and the volume slider). Plays Double Player music files from the “music collection” saved in the device's memory, grouped into playlists, by album, artist or mixed. Double Player cannot play anything but play, stop, switch between tracks forward and backward, start playback in order or randomly, but no one else promised. And with its task, the application copes well enough (jambs, crashes and errors during operation were not observed). Double Player: when one headphones for two While playing two tracks simultaneously, they can be easily switched between channels. The application is not free, although it costs a minimum of 39 rubles and everyone can afford it. If you are used to dividing everything and always in half, believe me, this is not the case. Double Player: when one headphones for two Does Double Player have any prospects to break into the TOP? Hardly, with such a design, a poisonous color scheme and mono sound in each channel, not everyone will like it, but judging by the rating in App Store of 4.5 stars, few people pay attention to this. It is not always possible to feel nostalgic with your loved one over pleasant music, but if you manage to escape from the bustle of the city, be sure to try Double Player.

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