Download MP3! – downloading tracks to iPhone [Free]

Download MP3!  - downloading tracks to iPhone [Free]

We recently published a review of the MusicBox music player. This is a great program, but for complete happiness it lacked the ability to download mp3 to iPhone. Therefore, the next step was logical – installing the application with the understandable name “Download MP3!” from the same developer. With it, you can download tracks for free. Legally.

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Having installed the free MusicBox player on your iPhone, sooner or later you will also download this downloader, since both applications are linked by reciprocal links. Unfortunately, not all tracks that can be found on MusicBox are downloadable. For MusicBox relies on Youtube and this app relies on SoundCloud. At the same time, “Download MP3!” is not an official SoundCloud application and only allows you to download songs that are allowed to be downloaded by the artists themselves on the SoundCloud service.

Download MP3!  - downloading tracks to iPhone [Free]

In addition to downloading tracks, it is possible to listen to them online, including during download, and off-line after downloading. Easily search songs by title, artist and genre. You can upload multiple files at the same time. You need a stable internet connection to download music. In the near future, the developers promise to add an option to compose playlists off-line.

Download MP3!  - downloading tracks to iPhone [Free]

The same pop-up ads as in MusicBox somewhat darken the euphoria of using the app.

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