“Dragons of Eternity” – now in version for iPhone

"Dragons of Eternity" - now in version for iPhone Game Insight has released a version of the famous game “Dragons of Eternity” in the version for iPhone. This is the largest project among the games of the publisher. Now users who have already taken part in the game will be able to continue it on a mobile device, keeping the results and progress in the development of their hero. To switch to iphone you only need user data – login and password. The game takes place in the fantastic world of Adan, which is waiting for new daredevils who are ready to go on an adventure. Players will be able to join one of the two empires – Valor or Sadar, choose the path of a fighter, or one of nine peaceful professions to study crafts or gather resources. Brave warriors will get acquainted with a huge world of ferocious monsters, insidious enemies, destructive magic and powerful dragons. The world of the game is striking in its scope: players will be able to visit more than 150 locations, complete more than 1,300 exciting tasks, fight with more than 500 different monsters or among themselves (PvP), tame one of six unique dragons. In the 'Dragons of Eternity' there is a large selection of collections of rarities and awards, a wide range of characteristics for the development of your character, an advanced social component and a developed clan system. Additional information about the game can be found on the official website: http://dragonsmmo.ru About Game Insight Game Insight is an international developer and publisher of free games for mobile and social platforms, including iOs, Android, Facebook, VKontakte, and others. Game Insight is over 800 professionals who love to play and strive to create amazing games. With 17 development studios, Game Insight delivers games that consistently rank at the top of the leading mobile platforms and app stores. Our team's professionalism and commitment to creating the best games have earned the trust and commitment of over 150 million players worldwide. Today Game Insight is already one of the leaders in the mobile gaming industry. The company's strategic goal is to become the world's leading publisher and developer of Freemium games. More information about the company can be obtained from the official website at http://www.game-insight.com

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