Dreamboard – what are you dreaming about? [Free]

 Dreamboard - what are you dreaming about?  [Free]  Dreamboard - what are you dreaming about?  [Free] Do you know that a person sees about 5-6 dreams per night? But, unfortunately, we do not remember most of our dreams. And it would be strange if in App Store we didn't find an application related to the world of dreams. Dreamboard is a program designed to help a person deal with the world of his dreams. This application has a purely aesthetic and entertainment function rather than some kind of useful one. It's funny to climb and see what you dreamed about, say, 2 weeks ago.  Dreamboard - what are you dreaming about?  [Free] In the application for iPhone, everything is very simple – we create an account and then the fun begins: we begin to follow the dynamics of our dreams. You can set the mood of the dream – a pleasant, not pleasant or neutral dream, emotion, color, describe what happened in the dream, who took part and who was in the main role. In general, it is necessary to record everything that is left in memory.  Dreamboard - what are you dreaming about?  [Free] And then the application will build a graph, which will reflect how often you have pleasant or unpleasant dreams. And also on the pie chart will build the 'degree of your egoism' – how often you appear in your dream in the lead role. And you will also have your personal journal of dreams (!!!). In which he keeps a record of 'your visits to the kingdom of Morpheus'.  Dreamboard - what are you dreaming about?  [Free] Did you know that our secret desires are manifested in dreams? Moreover, our dream is a reflection of our thoughts and experiences. And thanks to the fact that the application is designed so that you can share your dreams with friends in Twitter and Facebook, you have a great opportunity to find out the hidden desires of your friends, which are manifested in their dreams.  Dreamboard - what are you dreaming about?  [Free] In general, the application is interesting, funny, very cute in design. It will be interesting for both the child and the adult. Of course, you won't be able to manage your dreams with the help of an application (you should have given a Nobel Prize to the developer in this case), but you can just dream up.

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