Ducati Challlange – riding on two wheels

Ducati Challlange - riding on two wheels Ducati Challlange - riding on two wheels The game in question is directly related to Ducati, a monster in the world of two-wheeled iron horses. It's a shame that the once great company is now priced cheaper than the studio that developed the program for iPhone – Instagram, which Facebook bought not so long ago. Nevertheless, today we are not talking about money, but about a really good race on Ducati Challange motorcycles. The user is greeted with good graphics. And the musical accompaniment is at a height, though not chosen in the best way. At the first visit, the user is offered to create his own profile, which, if desired, can be easily changed in the “Profile” section. At the entrance to each submenu, a small instruction is offered, giving explanations: it is rather strange to say what the “Options” exist for, but this is what the developers intended. The game is synchronized with Game Center. Ducati Challlange - riding on two wheels As with most games of this genre, there are two game modes – single player career and multiplayer game. As planned, you can play only via Wi-Fi and a maximum of three players. A career begins with a choice of difficulty and immediately offers to rush into battle: neither your choice of a motorcycle, nor any other additional opportunities. Ducati Challlange - riding on two wheels The graphics in the game itself are significantly lower in quality than most racing games, but not all that bad. The handling is largely thought out at a decent level, and the bike literally senses every change in the position of the tablet. During the game, driving difficulties do not arise and the motorcycle behaves well even in sharp turns, and the automatic position system allows you to stay on the track. Ducati Challlange - riding on two wheels Depending on the chosen difficulty, the difficulty of the game itself also depends, although at an easy level it is worth trying hard to drive the iron horse, since the opponents are not so bad. I also didn't like the fact that during the game the music disappears and except for the annoying sound of the buzzing of the motor there is nothing left. The game did not leave any special impression on how N.O.V.A. handled it. 3 or Real Racing 2 HD, but for motorcycle enthusiasts it can be of considerable interest, and good control will allow you to enjoy from the heart.

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