Duolingo – Learning Foreign Languages ​​[Free]

Duolingo - Learning Foreign Languages ​​[Free] Hello dear readers! Not so long ago Apple published a list of the best applications of 2013, in which the title of “best application” was awarded to the educational application for iPhone “Duolingo”, and this review is devoted to it. Duolingo - Learning Foreign Languages ​​[Free] So Duolingo is a new and very fun language learning service that is also a great online translator. The application will not only help you learn a new language, but also expand your vocabulary and expand your existing knowledge. To get started, read about the application and register. Duolingo - Learning Foreign Languages ​​[Free] Duolingo - Learning Foreign Languages ​​[Free] The main difference between the Duolingo application and similar ones is that it allows the user to start learning from scratch, while other applications mostly “beat” the grammar. At the same time, all tasks are ranked according to the degree of difficulty, from translating the simplest words, to building complex sentences. But, nevertheless, the main advantage of the application is that it is absolutely free. Duolingo - Learning Foreign Languages ​​[Free] If the user makes a mistake, the application will force the user to pay attention to it and fix the error. As you progress and gain new knowledge, the user earns points and gains access to new levels. Duolingo - Learning Foreign Languages ​​[Free] By the way, the application also stores the entire history of your classes, as well as the number of translated sentences and statistics on how well the tasks were completed. Duolingo - Learning Foreign Languages ​​[Free] The application allows you to study several languages ​​at once. In total, only 6 languages ​​are available for training: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French and Italian. But the developers promise to soon expand the range, and soon the Chinese language will be available for study. Moreover, the application allows you to learn several languages ​​at the same time. Duolingo - Learning Foreign Languages ​​[Free] It is also worth mentioning once again that the application is very pleasant and interesting in terms of design. Very funny. There have been no shortcomings in the app yet … after all, not every app gets the app of the year award!

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