Easy ten – multilingual vocabulary trainer

Easy ten - multilingual vocabulary trainer This app for iPhone is a multilingual dictionary and trainer designed to make learning English, German, French, Spanish and Italian as easy as possible (without sacrificing quality). Forget about paper dictionaries, with easy ten you can learn foreign languages ​​anywhere and anytime. The unique technique of daily learning of just 10 words will help you build up the necessary vocabulary for basic communication abroad. Easy ten - multilingual vocabulary trainer Learning always 10 words a day, 70 a week and 3650 a year, after a very short time you will significantly improve your basic knowledge of foreign languages, which will allow you to travel without hindrance, build a career and communicate in a previously unfamiliar language. Agree, the load on the brain and memory is minimal, which means that you can not single out the study of the language as a separate task. Easy ten - multilingual vocabulary trainer After launching the application, feel free to scroll through the presentation and quickly start exploring. On the first working screen, you can change your level of knowledge of the language selected at the start, the complexity of the proposed words will depend on this. You can also add your own word to the database that you would like to learn in the future. Finished setting up and the first 10 unknown words are available for learning. In addition to translating words into Russian, the application can speak them, by the way, a very useful function (to download audio content, your device must be connected to the Internet via 3G or Wi-Fi). Audio files will be downloaded automatically daily or they can be downloaded in one package at once (the option is available in the application settings). Easy ten - multilingual vocabulary trainer In addition to translating and dubbing words, easy ten will suggest synonyms that are most often used as a substitute for the original, and also show usage by example (in a sentence in a foreign language with the possibility of translation). Easy ten - multilingual vocabulary trainer To consolidate the result, you are invited to pass a short test, from the list of possible translations you must choose the correct option. For this, you are awarded points, the more points, the higher your position on the global podium (Competition menu). In order to take part in the knowledge of a foreign language, you will need to log in to the application through social networks Facebook, Vkontakte or Twitter. Authorization opens access to the statistics of your training. In the profile settings, you can subscribe to continue training. Easy ten - multilingual vocabulary trainer Now, regarding monetization: you can download easy ten from App Store for free, you are offered to start training for free, and then please, make a paid subscription (for a month $ 4.99, for a year $ 14.99, unlimited – $ 39, 99). You can renew your training for free, but for this you need to either invite friends or share the app on social networks in exchange for just 1 free day. Easy ten - multilingual vocabulary trainer Yes, the application looks great and well-developed, the interface is very friendly and understandable, the information on the translation and meaning of words is comprehensive, there is nothing to add. Only you will have to pay a lot for this pleasure, especially since you need to do it periodically or pay as much as $ 39.99 one-time. Considering that there are more than a dozen of similar applications in App Store, including free ones, I simply cannot recommend easy ten.

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