Echograph – animation from video [FREE]

Echograph - animation from video [FREE] Hello dear readers! How many photography lovers are there among you? And those who like to shoot good videos? I think both of those, and others are in great abundance. Why did I ask about the presence of both? It's just that the program we are going to talk about today combines both. Let's see how she does it and what comes out of it. This program is very interesting and is a mixture of using video and photos. In itself, this idea is very interesting and was considered, and is considered by everyone as a very good and innovative idea. The program was first presented at Macworld 2012 and already at that time received huge support and many investors. Well, let's go into it and taste it. Echograph - animation from video [FREE] Upon entering the program, it will require you to register. And this is the first minus of the program. How, you ask, can this be a disadvantage? After all, registration seems to be simple and takes 30 seconds. Yes, only now you can successfully register from 10 times, because after pressing the “Register” button the program freezes and it is not clear when it will hang. Well, okay, we register with grief and move on. Echograph - animation from video [FREE] Echograph - animation from video [FREE] So, the point of the program is to create a .gif animation. But she does it in an interesting way – from the video that you are invited to shoot or choose from those already available on the device. But the most interesting thing is that at the end of just three steps you will have a static picture with animation of those parts that you selected with your finger. And here are three steps: 1 – shoot a video or select an existing one. If we shoot, then a little 5 seconds, but if we filmed for longer, the program will offer you to trim the video to 5 or less seconds. 2 – we select a fragment from the video. This will be our picture. 3 – now we just drag our finger over the area that we want to see in motion and oh, miracle – now this area starts playing the video that we filmed earlier. That is, for example, if you photographed a waterfall, then we select a picture where there is this waterfall, then we draw a finger over the area of ​​the water fall and the waterfall begins to animate. Echograph - animation from video [FREE] Well, at the end of all the manipulations it turns out something like this: Echograph - animation from video [FREE] But there are a few more downsides. One of them is management, which could have been easier, and the second is the almost inability to view the work of other users. Good luck!

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