Eco-friendly: apps to help make life better

Living in a metropolis, you have to sacrifice the quality of the environment for the sake of infrastructure. It is well known that many diseases are caused precisely by poor environmental conditions. However, you can at least try to protect yourself: today in our selection there are applications that will help make your life a little more comfortable.

Sound level meter

Eco-friendly: apps to help make life better

This laconic mobile sound level meter, most likely, will not replace the corresponding device, but it will help to assess the situation in general. For example, to understand how noisy your office or home is when neighbors decide to start repairs after midnight. The noise level is displayed as a number, but there are also understandable categories like 'quiet street', 'loud street', etc.

The application has a paid version, in which it is possible to take measurements for an unlimited time, as well as export records. However, the free version is enough for simple measurements.

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Eco-friendly: apps to help make life better

This application will allow you to track how the air quality in your city is changing over the week. It is based on the air quality index: in addition to a specific number, the program uses colors – green, yellow, orange or red.

There is also a section with a map where you can see the situation in different cities of the world. While it is incomplete, but it can give a general picture. AirVisual will explain what can influence air pollution and rank cities by air pollution. This can be helpful when planning your travels.


Eco-friendly: apps to help make life better

Protecting yourself from ultraviolet rays is very important, even if you live in St. Petersburg or Moscow. UVLens will show you the UV Index, as well as how the radiation level will change during the day – today and tomorrow.

If you enter information about yourself, the application will inform you after how many minutes you will get sunburned and what kind of sun protection you need. Very useful when relaxing in hot countries!

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