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Email Signature Pro Have you ever wondered what kind of signature people see when they receive an email from you? Every email you send ends with the phrase 'Sent with iPhone'. Agree that this is a bit boring. It's time to change everything for the better. Email Signature Pro will help you with this. Email Signature Pro In the application's press release, the developers wrote: 'Who thinks about leaving a professional opinion about themselves? We think about it. That's why we started work on Email Signature Pro '. It turns out that this problem worries not only the creators of the application. Thousands of owners iPhone currently use Email Signature Pro to create original signatures for e-mail messages. Key features of Email Signature Pro: – Create multiple signatures and support multiple accounts for personal and business correspondence; – the ability to add your own photo so that the interlocutors can see who they are communicating with; – the ability to add an image of your company logo; – Ability to add links to social media profiles. As you can imagine, Email Signature Pro is an indispensable tool for those who frequently use email. Email Signature Pro is available in the AppStore. The app costs $ 4.99.

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