Enchanted Realm – Magic Kingdom [Free]

Enchanted Realm - Magic Kingdom [Free] Enchanted Realm - Magic Kingdom [Free] The Magic Kingdom was released for iPhone. There are many toys in App Store where you need to build your own city. But for children, the options are much less, especially when it comes to something really beautiful. Enchanted Realm in this regard is pleasantly impressive and we will briefly try to tell you what this game takes. Firstly, Enchanted Realm got a very, very funny design. All houses and buildings look as if they are from a fairy tale by Charles Perot: they are colorful, bright, and have interesting shapes. Children will definitely like this. Secondly, the castle. It is the main building of the whole game, it cannot be removed or transferred, but it can be improved. In this regard, the small fortress is gradually turning into an incredible palace. It is the presence of the castle that gives the impression that you are a king / princess and are building your own kingdom. Enchanted Realm - Magic Kingdom [Free] There are a lot of buildings here. The user can independently go to the construction menu or trust the assistant, who will help gradually build everything that is needed. By the way, such a “nanny” is a very useful addition. Due to the large number of buildings, you can easily get lost in them. On the one hand, it's really good that the user has a choice. But to be honest, having 30 types of houses scares me. And here there are also factories, bakeries, shops, taverns, etc. Plus several dozen types of decor. Enchanted Realm - Magic Kingdom [Free] There are two types of currency in the game: coins and crystals. The former can be bought for dollars or earned. The second – in the form of bonuses or through a purchase. To be honest, there are no problems with money, unless you want to buy yourself something more expensive or faster. There is also “energy” here, which is known to all players in social networks. But this is not a big problem either. With each level of energy it becomes more and more, it often drops out in the form of various bonuses. Enchanted Realm - Magic Kingdom [Free] Whatever the game seems boring, the user is constantly provided with a whole mountain of missions to complete, for which they are rewarded with experience points and money. They perfectly complement the game, since without missions the game would get bored very quickly, unless of course you are an architect. Achievements can be divided into Facebook or Twitter. I liked Enchanted Realm for its unconventional design options for the game. The game is perfect for children, thanks to the bright colors, but a large number of missions can bind the child's interest in this game for a long time. Install from AppStore

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