Enlight is a five star graphics editor

Enlight is a five star graphics editor In App Store there are many graphic editors for every taste and color, each has its own strengths and weaknesses, and in order to get a good picture, sometimes you have to use several at once. Of course, there is Photoshop in App Store, but that's for professionals. Yes, and to be honest, they are very inconvenient to use. Enlight can do a lot, a little more than a common man needs, and at the same time does not require reading the instructions. Therefore, it has been at the top of the store for a long time … Enlight is a five star graphics editor The Lightricks app has all the tools you need to edit your photos from your camera roll. All of them are available as a preview at the bottom of the screen, you can open any photo from the film with just one movement. You can take pictures from Enlight, but for this you need to open the application access to the camera (you can control access to various applications to the camera in the settings iPhone and iPad in the 'Privacy' menu). Enlight is a five star graphics editor After the desired photo is uploaded for editing, you can start the process. For more convenience, the toolbar can be displayed as icons with text or just icons. Each menu item contains several additional tools. A photo can be cropped, cropped out, rotated, flipped, in general, whatever you would normally do on a desktop computer. Enlight is a five star graphics editor For professionals, each function can be flexibly configured, for this, at the bottom of the screen, when you select the desired instrument, its settings appear: presets, instruments, mask. For beginners or amateurs, the available templates will be enough, the library in the application contains sets for every taste. Enlight is a five star graphics editor It is a thankless task to describe all the features of the application in one review, Enlight is a very simple application, you do not need any special knowledge or skills to master it. To help navigate the application, the developers have added a tutorial, it is available at the start and when you first select a tool for editing a photo or applying an effect. Enlight is a five star graphics editor I really liked Enlight, the editor is powerful and functional, and does not require any professional skills. It will easily cover all your needs and allow you to give your photo a unique look and show your creativity. In App Store Enlight is sold at a price of only 59 rubles, for such a high-quality editor it is not money, take it without hesitation, as hundreds of users iPhone and iPad did it. The rating of the app speaks volumes, and this is almost a full 5 stars.

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