Epic – protect your kingdom! [Free]

Epic - protect your kingdom!  [Free] Have you already watched the three-dimensional film Epic in the cinema? – No? Then go to the cinema as soon as possible, but before leaving, take a look at App Store and download the app of the same name for iPhone to create a good mood for yourself before watching the movie. Epic - protect your kingdom!  [Free] Epic is a good addition to the family of social strategy games. The application is very bright and juicy, it immediately catches your eye, and even if you are not a fan of this genre, you will still be pleased to launch Epic. It should be noted that, since the application is social, it simply refuses to work without the Internet. Epic - protect your kingdom!  [Free] We launch the application and immediately get acquainted with the queen of the genies Tara, who briefly introduces us to the course of the matter and tells us what role is assigned to us – the players – in the application. Epic - protect your kingdom!  [Free] I must say that the application goes beyond the usual 'farm' in gameplay. The game, like the film itself, belongs to the 'fantasy' genre, so your main task in the game will be to build castles for genies and protect the kingdom from enemies, for this you will need contain your own army (!). Also, in order for the kingdom to flourish, it is necessary to grow plants, collect fruits and generally improve the territory of your kingdom of genies. Epic - protect your kingdom!  [Free] But for the full prosperity of your kingdom, you still have to look into the store, which has a huge selection of all kinds of 'necessary' things. You can do without financial investments, but it is difficult, so you will have to part with your hard-earned 33 rubles at least. Epic - protect your kingdom!  [Free] The game has two modes – single player and multiplayer. And depending on your choice, you will have to fight either against the phone, or with other online players. Epic - protect your kingdom!  [Free] Another interesting notion of the developers is to invite friends from Facebook to visit, or to challenge a friend to a battle, it all depends on you. The toy leaves a positive impression and will be a great discovery for fans of similar games.

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