Epic War TD 2 – Exemplary Tower Defense

Epic War TD 2 - Exemplary Tower Defense If you have never played a mobile tower defense game before, you should start with the best ones, otherwise you will never understand such games. So it was with me: until recently, I did not understand what gamers find in TD. But that was before Epic War TD 2. That's what Tower Defense should be. Epic War TD 2 - Exemplary Tower Defense Epic War TD 2 is one of the most beautiful and addictive Tower Defense for iPhone and iPad. The game not only looks great, but is also played in one breath (I mean not the simplicity of the gameplay), captures from one turn. Epic War TD 2 - Exemplary Tower Defense According to the laws of the genre, your task is to stop the offensive of combat enemy units and prevent them from passing through the dense layer of your defense. For protection, you will have a variety of barrage installations at your disposal: from the Gatling machine gun to the Tesla installation. Epic War TD 2 has two game modes:

  1. Arcade: difficulty – normal, the number of towers – unlimited, the possibility of selling towers – is.
  2. Professional: complexity is difficult, the number of slots for installing towers is fixed, the possibility of sale is not.

Epic War TD 2 - Exemplary Tower Defense If you are just starting to play, do not rush to Pro, not the fact that you will master even the first few levels. Master the skills in arcade mode, it is also not easy to play, but possible. So at least the desire to continue playing after quick defeats will not disappear. Each mode has 3 chapters available. The chapters are divided into levels, 10 levels in the first two and only 5 in the last. I don’t consider myself a professional gamer, but my hands are growing out of the right place, and to complete only the first chapter with 2-3 hours spent every day, it took me not much, not less, but 3 days. Of course, if you play at breakneck speed with the minimum number of stars, the game can be completed faster, but the less stars you earn, the more time you will need to research new types of weapons. To unlock the improvement of current towers and the opening of new ones, a certain number of stars is required, research is carried out in the laboratory. Epic War TD 2 - Exemplary Tower Defense In order to successfully complete a level in Epic War TD 2, you need to build a line of defense along the movement of enemy units. To build you need money, the only way to earn which is to destroy the enemy. Different types of defensive installations differ in the amount of damage dealt, reload speed, range and the category of units against which they are most effective. The balance in the game is worthy of all praise: if you build a defense with Gatling guns against infantry or drones, such a strategy is effective, but useless against mechanical robots and even more so armored vehicles in the form of tanks. Epic War TD 2 - Exemplary Tower Defense Each new wave of attack differs from the previous one not only in the number of units, but also in their class. At the first levels, you will be opposed by infantry and super-fast drones, but then you will have to sweat, mechanical robots, tanks and aircraft will go into battle. By the way, against the latter, it is necessary to use special types of towers, allocated in a separate category. If 10 enemy units (the type does not matter) manage to slip past your defense, the level, or the wave will have to start over. There is no saving in the game, and it is not needed at relatively short levels. Epic War TD 2 - Exemplary Tower Defense Free advice: don't rush to install towers until you know what type of troops will attack in the next wave, because the same installations are effective against one type of troops and useless for another. Place towers as the enemy advances and try to get by with as few of them as possible. Let me remind you that the more stars you collect, the faster you can unlock new types of towers. The graphics in Epic War TD 2 are worthy of the highest ratings – the post-apocalypse looks great: destroyed buildings, cars burning on the sides, smoke, fire, light and shadows, there is simply nothing to complain about. The sound is also all right, background music emphasizes what is happening on the battlefield, shooting, missile launches and explosions are very realistic. Did I like Epic War TD 2? Very! It is difficult to play, but at the same time very exciting. It will not work to win by poking machine guns and cannons anywhere, for victory it is necessary to take into account several factors simultaneously: the class of enemy units, the effectiveness of the towers and their location. You can download Epic War TD 2 in App Store for 169 rubles – not a little, but I don't mind for such a TD, and I'm not alone in this (the overall rating of the game is almost full 5 stars). The game is available in a shared account.

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