Evernote – don't forget to forget anything [free]

Evernote - don't forget to forget anything [free] Evernote - don't forget to forget anything [free] In order not to forget anything, someone pushes the memory and tries to remember all the events that have yet to be performed. And someone simply has neither the time nor the desire to try to remember everything, since city life forces you to be at least fast and often, there is no time even for lunch. And if you are one of them, then you will be interested to know about what the company offers in order to always know what else is left to do. Evernote is a replacement for paper notebooks and its various reincarnations. Evernote - don't forget to forget nothing [free] Getting into the applications, we are immediately offered to familiarize ourselves with the list of those things that can be done with the help of the program, backing up the words with customer reviews. Create an account – and go! We find ourselves in a kind of filing cabinet in which various folders are already saved. Evernote - don't forget to forget nothing [free] When you click on them, we will find out how versatile the program is: here you can find geolocation, notes, even the places you have been to – all this can be used to create your own notes and fill them with various kinds of information. Evernote - don't forget to forget nothing [free] In general, it seems – well, where is the catch? And he is, dear friends, though to call him that would not be entirely correct. In order for the ability to view notes to always function, you need a permanent connection to the Internet. There are also a number of minor restrictions, for example, the size limit for the uploaded file. Evernote - don't forget to forget nothing [free] “And if there is simply no opportunity to go online?” You ask. In this case, you will not be able to view previously created notes. In order to solve this problem, the service offers us a subscription to it, carefully converting the currency into native rubles. It costs 149 rubles a month or 1449 rubles a year. And then the question arises: is it worth it? Basically, if your Internet connection on the device is often active, then you can use the service without any problems, but since the program is the most popular in its category, then it’s probably worth it.

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